What to expect after your regenerative procedure

What to expect after your regenerative procedure

regenerative procedure

Results are encouraging

You may have some questions about what to expect from receiving a PRP or Stem Cell procedure. Here is some information to help prepare you for the experience.

For the best results, we advise you to refrain from taking anti-inflammatory medications after your procedure. You may wish to rest the area where you received treatment for one to two days. If physical therapy is part of your treatment plan, please adhere to the plan your physicians has discussed with you.

You may notice inflammation. This is normal. It is your immune system performing as expected in order to give your stem cells and PRP cells the optimum environment to grow. If your muscles are sore, you can take a hot shower or use a heating pad, as well as ice packs.

A positive result

After adequate rest, as advised by your physician, you can begin activities as tolerated by your comfort level. Keeping the exercise light is best as your new tissue requires blood flow to continue to build. As always, communicate with your provider about exercise and activities you would like to perform.

Some patients notice an improvement in a month. If not, do not be alarmed. The cells are still achieving their maximum healing potential up to 6 months post procedure, so you may continue to feel improvement during that time. Keep in mind people are unique and so is their healing process.